10 ways to defeat Senioritis

By Karissa Jones and Jianna Beasley, Clarion Staff

Many high school students have been struggling to find motivation, have become careless, and have lost the will to learn. The culprit of this annual problem is a lethal infection known as senioritis. It is a term used to describe students who are so unmotivated and that they do not put the effort forth to do any type of work.

There’s no need to fear because we have just what the doctor ordered to keep you going for the last few weeks of school.

1. Sleep is an essential

You’re trying to finish your homework and any last minute projects, but sometimes sleep just doesn’t seem like a priority. You may be staying up later then you should. You need to keep you mind healthy and your body from falling asleep in third period. Try and go to bed at a reasonable time that allows your body to rejuvenate.IMG_3645.JPG

2. Surround yourself with positivity

Yes, it sounds very cheesy, but having positive influences, or good vibes around you will give you a positive mindset. Being around negative people or seeing too much negativity will you put in a bad state of mind that will slowly decrease your motivation.IMG_8784.JPG

3. Keep manageable goals

Do I sound like your grandma yet? Setting easy manageable goals that can be accomplished in the span of a week will make you feel like you’re succeeding in life as opposed to having a unattainable goals that will take a lot of effort to reach and result in IMG_3636.JPGa negative mindset. Manageable goals you will give you time and keep you from falling into that dark pit in your mind that you go to when you can’t finish something.




4. Manage your time to have some fun

If all you do is work all day and all night, you are setting yourself up for failure. Go outside and get some air, and hang with some friends. Make sure you have some sort of an escape from your school life to clear your mind.

5. Take everything one day at a time

Some of you may think you are Superman and can handle a lot in one day, but instead of trying to work on everything all at once set priorities for different days to complete your work. There’s no need to do everything all at once. Take your time and let each day be less stressful. Take baby steps, otherwise you’ll be sprinting off a cliff.

6. Turn in your homework on time

As cliché as it sounds, this is an important step. This will prevent you from having a IMG_8680.JPGpanic attack when grades are posted so make the effort and turn in your homework so that way you can make a grade you need.

7. Have a cry every once in a while

Crying is not just a way to express human response, but it is a natural way to reduce emotional stress that if left unchecked, can have negative physical effects on the body. So go ahead big guy let out that left-over emotional stress. IMG_8636.JPG


8. Grades still matter

Remember that it’s not over yet and your grades still matter. You’re so close to the end and you just want to nap until you walk the stage. There’s still work to be done, so keep pushing and do not let it all go to crap so close to the end.



9. Don’t let small failures get you down

Worrying about one small mistake will lower your motivation to keep going and make you feel like there is no way you can finish. Remember, you still have time to fix whatever those small mistakes that are getting you down.

10. Be happy you’ve come this far

Realize that you have finally made it to your senior year and you have not given up, or dropped out, or become any of the things you said you would do. Be proud of yourself IMG_3656for keeping the motivation to push through the adversity you have struggling with these past few years

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