Clarion Poetry: Walking Man

By Joe Temblador, Clarion Staff

Christ is dead / I cried for his help and he left me on read /

Left me alone / left me to ask /

Am I sadistic / or masochistic / no / I guess I’m just realistic /

I just can’t help seeing truth / it’s almost cystic /

It’s malignant / infectious /

Correction / the things you did just left me defenseless /

Left me confused / left me unhinged / left me on the fringe /

And I can’t walk away /

I can’t close my eyes / I cut ties / an angel cries /

And you can’t see my tears / as I walk through the rain /

And baby I’m Vishnu / I’m with you /

I’m right by your side / I lied / I’m not really here / my mind’s somewhere else /

You told me you wanted to see the world / well / that’s what I heard /

But I guess we don’t talk anymore / I guess you’re not here either /

But that’s ok / I’d say we’re all good / life’s pretty short so let’s live and let live /

Let’s take and let’s give / Cause hell / I’ve moved on / that feeling, it’s gone /

Like whispers in wind /

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