Last Will & Testament from Class of 2018

I, Katelyn Yang, will my younger brother, Alex, and younger sister, Natalyn, to continue to pursue your dream despite what the adults may say and to be always kind and compassionate to everyone you meet.

I, Ivy Wang, will my blood, bruises, scrapes, and tears to my hurdle babies. May all this pain bring forth new PRs and even more growth. Most importantly, I will you all happiness and laughter everyday.

I, Nicco Welks, do not have much to leave but I will my most prized possession, my protractor. You can use it to find angles.

I, Jia, will the ability to create and maintain the long lasting, beautiful friendships I have made during my four years at John F. Kennedy to every freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior (because it’s never too late to make a good friend), and the creative passion to not only follow your heart, but also follow me on Instagram @bunnii.doodles (Jianna Beasley).

I, Karissa Jones, will my motivation to live and my iconic reciting of vines. To future students I give you my exploration on memes and hope you continue the legacy I leave for you.

I, Christopher Jeong, will the hope for a stress-free life for the families I leave behind. To rid any negativity that may cloud your thoughts, to great success which life will bring lots, and to less problems that need to be fought. Alas I say be gone thoughts!

I, David Yu, will David Ma of 2019 to uphold the virtues and continued excellence of the David name. Remember to be humble and shed pettiness. Sometimes it’s just better to lose something with grace than insist on winning for no reason.

I, Sarif Morningstar, will my photography to anyone who seeks to be the best photographer they can be. I also will my perseverance for them to get through all their classes.

I, Malissia Bordeaux, will all Kennedy students of the future the power to change the system. I also will the certainty that equity will become a part of the new school culture.

I, Aryanna Zavala, will my wisdom, responsibility, and desire to succeed to my cousin, Lauren and all future Kennedy students. Do not be afraid to be yourself and the drama won’t matter when high school is over. Never give up, when the going gets tough, keep on going because the end result will be amazing.

I, Darren Garland, leave my mixtape on soundcloud for everyone to listen too. (link unreadable)

I, Savannah Perry, will my sister, Emily Perry, the mindfulness to speak truthfully and thoughtfully, the motivation to complete ALL your assignments, and the courage to be better than yesterday, all the days of your life. I love you, sissy.

I, Jerico Francisco, will all my funky dance moves, comic routine, and Youtube playlist to my friends, who have not yet moved on. Friends, show all the students out there your cool dancing and beats. Believe yourself, just follow your dreams, heart and just do it. Don’t let the mean people bully because students are scared and they need help and you need friends.

I, Timmy Curry, will my cousin and all the incoming seniors my AP Government skills to succeed in the class. I also will my history skills to all the new underclassmen to enjoy their remaining years in their history classes. The choices you make in your classes each day can have a profound impact on your future and you only get to go through high school one time in your life as you so make the best of it.

I, Michelle Dominguez, only hope for the many students to enjoy your time in high school. Every merit will be in your past. You’ll face struggles, learn lessons, and make memories. It’s just steps of growing , on who you are.

I, Matthew Allin, leave my jacket to my incoming freshman brother Sean, leave my finesse to Collin Reynolds, leave my clout tokens to Nic Gregson.

I, Haleigh Lee, leave all the readmit slips in the attendance office to the new TA’s. I also leave all my teachers to Noel, Max, Harman, and Ashneel. I will leave all the classroom parties to everyone in the D-wing.

I, Brandon Collins, leave a stack of unfolded pizza boxes to David Gutierrez and the classroom table to Kaiah Walker. I hope you enjoy them.

I, Eva Garcia, will my iPad to the current and future classmates of D3 to guide them to learning sign language from the apps.

I, James Wesley Isom, leave to you, knowledge that will stay with you forever. My Spanish and math notes are in my locker (G45), they have all the answers for the year. I will also leave you a quote that stuck with me my whole life, “Be who you are, NO matter where you are!!!”

I, Joaquin Jauregui, leave my broken pencil to Ryan Smith and my old binder to David Gutierrez. Good luck in your classes.

I, Makiya Simiril, will all my Kennedy memories to Noel, Kaiah, Ashneel, David, Joshua and Antonio. I will miss everyone.

I, Shomee (Lilley) Xiong, will my art supplies to my friends Joshua, Max, and Ryan. I will my basketball, swimming, golf, track and field Olympics to my classmates. I also will all my job sites with Mrs. Ceni to my friends and future classmates. I will miss everyone.

I, Naomi Leulseged, will all the sensors and price tags that I tagged at Marshalls to Noel. I also will my shopping ability to pick out clothes to Kaiah. I enjoyed spending time with my friends Jeremiah, Antonio, and Lilley.

I, Dominic J Larsen, have had many years at Kennedy to procure lessons and trinkets, and now I give these to all ofyou. To my younger brother, Vinny, I leave to him all of my pride and admiration, for he may not know I have it towards him, yet I hold him in the highest of regards. I will always stand by your side, not matter the challenges you face. Kesi, to you, I will the ability to make the best of everything. Lastly, I leave to Emma, all the advice and assistance she may need in continuing the tradition of the Clarion. Just remember do not let life go by, make the most of it! Live life to the fullest and make everyday worth it. Love all of you!

I, Chris Wong, will my marimba and height-o-meter to Hunter Albert, a Snickers bar to Adrianna Iorio, my soup grudge to Johnny Thich, my likeness to the next Asian with a bowl cut and thick glasses to join band, whatever ounce of attractiveness I have to Steven Yu so he can find a mate, and a portion of my sexuality to the front ensemble in hopes that it will once again become the gayest section.

I, Cole Klein, will my wit and extraordinary ability to be humble.

I, Koji Lo, will all current and future high school students the passion for what you want to do in this life and the relentless drive to do whatever you think you can do. Always remember who you are and you will force the world confident and strong.

I, Alex Chan, will to all underclassmen the ability to wash their hands and flush the toilet everytime. P.S. Somebody please put paper towels and soap in the boy’s bathroom.

I, Vani, will my sister-like friend, Sophia Hare, my fearlessness in doing what is needed to be done. Don’t be scared of anything as no one knows what you are 100 percent. I also will my carefree nature to you. Be yourself and life will feel a lot easier.

I, Miguel Camacho, will the fact that ogres are like onions. Life is all about the layers. Get Shreked!

I, Jojo Mamola, hand down the hype torch to my beloved insane sophomores. I also self proclaim Rachel Diekmann, Queen of Kennedy High School.

I, Saeri Plagmann, will to my sister Yukari Plagmann the motivation and courage to make the most out of high school and to discover and explore the world. There are so many opportunities for you out there, you just have to want it enough and be brave enough to see it.

I, Ashley Perez, will Alyssa Proeung and Hana Ruiz all my procrastination skills and the hundreds of sleepless nights I went through. You girls can make it through the last year. I will every Physics student my undesirable love for Ms. Chen’s demos and herr ways of teaching. Future seniors, take advantage of your moments as youth and figure out where’s your place in the world. It’ll be here before you know it.

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