The Sun Also Rises

By Joseph Temblador, Clarion Editor-in-Chief

Kennedy’s annual Senior Sunrise is a time for comradery and contemplation, a bastion of things to come, and a reminder that moments are fleeting.  Senior Sunrise can be a pleasant or stark reminder that Kennedy Seniors will soon move onto greater things outside the confines of JFK, and for some of us, Sacramento altogether.

Many of us will go on to Sac City or State, take a year off to discover ourselves, or perhaps do nothing at all; but that’s not what Senior Sunrise is about. For the moment, Senior Sunrise is here to exemplify the Kennedy experience, and to celebrate moments shared and the people we shared them with.

Kyla Lee and Joelle Yokota celebrate their last year during Senior Sunrise on September 9. Photo by Clarion Chief Photographer Sid Slesicki


At its core, Senior Sunrise is an excuse to bring people together, sharing another moment between people, some of whom have spent four or more years together. So, as soon-to-be Kennedy Alumni sit on the bleachers of our football stadium, watching the sun rise together, each of us are asked to think of the moments that shaped us. Or, I could be completely wrong and people just came for the free donuts and coffee and to mess around. In fact, that’s the best part about Senior Sunrise: It’s a personal experience meaning no one thing to any given person. No answer is necessarily right or wrong. One thing is certain though – just as the sun does rise so does it fall, and Senior Sunrise is a reminder of that reality.

So, as we see our last year waltz by, my advice would be this: experience life, be dumb, get in trouble (not too much), fall in love and then fall out of it, and make new friends while bringing the ones you already have even closer. To Seniors reading this, this is our last year of a once in a lifetime experience, so you can treat it like any other negative encounter, or you can make the best of a once-in-a-lifetime ride.

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