Cougars Seen at Kennedy Library?

By Ethan Vue, Clarion Staff

How often do students actually use the library in their free time?

In an interview about whether or not the library should be utilized more, Mr. Danilo Campos stated, “During lunchtime I have about 40-50 kids in the library, doing various activities from computers, homework, reading, or socializing.” He enjoys having students in the library as he knows that the materials at their disposal are convenient and can be used anytime.

In addition to the interview, a survey at school asked approximately 100 students if they have been in the library on their free time. 72 students said something along the line of, “Only to print.” This ratio is unfortunate considering all the hard work Mr. Campos puts into improving the library every day. Just recently, new HP computers were installed in the library, which is a significant upgrade compared to the past Dell computers. Mr. Campos explained the reasoning behind the update, “The old computers couldn’t handle the data and other media online because they were old and the system was outdated. If you feel nostalgic I can have Mr. Fry install them back.”

Not only are there speedy computers, but there are also a variety of books ranging from scientific research all the way to fiction. However, the only thing students lack is the want to read, which really destroys the general idea of a library. Many see a stereotypical idea of the library being boring, but really, it’s great if you ever need some quiet time, a place to research, or to read for fun. It’s also easy to access because it’s right in the middle of Kennedy making it great for any student. Overall, this under-appreciated room gets too little recognition for what it provides because, at its core, all you need to learn is the passion and a student ID.

The Kennedy Library is home to many things but in this photo you’ll find the creative 3D artwork from Mrs. Graves class by Gao Yang, Katrina Montoya, Kathy Moua, and Victory Randall. Clarion Staff Photo.
Mock Election held in Kennedy library. A civic-minded Cougar refers to the Voting Guide as he participates in the JFK Mock Election on October 26, 2018. Sponsored by the ASSETs program, students of all ages were encouraged to become familiar with “the voting process and … their voting power” according to coordinator Ms. Cooper. Another mock election September 21st involved 500 JFK students, sponsored by Sacramento County Voter Registration and Elections outreach and JFK Government/Economics teachers. Clarion Staff Photo


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