Freshmen & Senior Spill the Tea

By Adrianna Iorio, Section Editor

On Kennedy’s campus, it is evident that nobody is technically the same. Whether it be a students general interests or the way they dress, the different characteristics each student obtains makes them unique and distinct from one and other. Gianna Sison, a freshman, and Bernadette Tropel, a senior, were asked to answer questions regarding their hobbies, life goals, and various other activities to see how a lowerclassmen’s viewpoint differs from an upperclassman.

What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?

Gianna Sison: My favorite ice cream flavor is strawberry.

Bernadette Tropel: Mine is Mint Chip!

Describe your clothing style- what brands do you typically wear or are interested in?

Sison: I typically wear very 80’s and 90’s inspired clothing. There is no specific brand since I go thrifting a lot, but if I had to choose probably a mix of Urban Outfitters and Forever 21. Honestly it depends on if they have anything good.

Tropel: I like dressing as close to business casual as possible. I’m not super into brands.

What’s your favorite dog breed? Unless you like cats more.

Sison: My favorite dog breed is Rottweilers. I don’t know why, they are just really cute.

Tropel: My favorite breed is Great Pyrenees.

What music do you listen too? Describe your taste as well.

Sison: I listen to a lot and I mean A LOT of R&B, and a mix of old school hip hop. Mostly rap with meaningful lyrics with a R&B beat.

Tropel: I listen to really chill kpop, Lorde, J Cole, and musical soundtracks. It’s fairly eclectic.

What is your outlook on college? Do you have any specific plans for after high school?

Sison: My outlook on college is most definitely a positive one, I of course want to attend college. I don’t have any specific plans other than that.

Tropel: My dad has instilled a love of education and a desire to learn within me since I was three. I’m overall really excited for college.

Do you have a dream school? Do you have any idea of what college you want to attend? What do you want to major in?

Sison: My dream school would be any medical based college. I would like to attend Stanford but a more realistic option for me would be UC Davis. I’d like to major in anything in the medical field.

Tropel: Yeah my dream school is Georgetown University. I want to go to a school in the East Coast- preferably a smaller school. I plan to major in Political Science and get my masters in Public Policy, as well as minor in education. I want to work in the California Department of Education.

What is a ‘typical day’ like for you as a freshman/senior?

Sison: A typical day for me I guess would be waking up, going to school, going home, sleeping till like eight, and then trying to convince myself to get up to do homework. This is me being totally honest. I take like five hour naps and wake up to do homework then go back to sleep.

Tropel: So I go to speech and debate in the morning and then finish up my schedule. At lunch, I usually go to some club. Whether it be Mathletes, Girls United, Latin, etc. My last class of the day is AP Latin. After school I either go to my college class at SCC, work at the school district or city hall, or I intern at Sac City Teachers Association. Then I go home, eat, do homework, or call one of my friends.

How involved are you on and off of campus? What activities do you participate in?

Sison: Well I try to participate in a lot of school events but off campus I do community service for PACE. I also swim, do music related activities, and write on my free time.

Tropel: I am incredibly involved on campus. I’ve been in Key Club, Mathletes, CSF, Speech and Debate, Drama, VIP, etc. I could go on but thats boring.


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