Girl’s Golf Team Forefit

By Jenelle Lum, Creative Director

The Kennedy Girls Golf team has driven through a number of difficult obstacles this season. First and foremost, the team did not have enough players this year (each match requires five) and had to forfeit a majority of the matches they were hoping compete against other high schools in the area. Nikki Tanaka (11) one of a few players on the team stated, “It’s been fun, but challenging. We had to forfeit but everybody who does play tries their hardest.”

Despite having to forfeit matches, the golf team still strived to do their best and continue to play without official scoring.   The “lady cougars” competed against other high schools in the Metro Conference (CKM, Monterey Trail, Laguna Creek, and Grant) during the season and faced the same schools in an all-day Metro Tournament on October 15th. At this tournament, all golfers were mixed in groups with other schools to play 18 holes, and normally they play 9 holes. Kennedy placed 7th overall, and Nikki Tanaka placed 5th in the overall players division moved on to divisionals, which took place on October 22nd.

Joelle Yokota, a senior on the golf team, encourages, “If you like golf, by all means, go for it.”

Our team has been very successful in past years. Hopefully, the girl’s golf team will have enough members next season to continue this success.

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