Girls Tennis Players Double Their Fun

By Brandyn Matsumoto

Coming off a superb season in 2017, Coach Teweles had high hopes for this years team but after a rough start, losing their first four games including first Metro Conference game against rival CKM, the girls began to slowly gain confidence by winning matches against Monterey Trail and Burbank.

The lady cougars ended the season in a Senior Night Celebration with a 9-0 blowout against Monterey Trail on October 18 which was a great way to end the season and the year for graduating seniors. The ended the season with a 4th place in Metro conference with 4-6 record, and overall record of 4-9.

Kennedy doubles partners Miya Murata and Jayleigh Alvarado greet Monterey Trail opponents while coach Teweles looks on. Photo by Patricia Chapman, JFK Yearbook Staff

Coach Teweles indicated several games stood out for the girls, particularly the two matches against their closest rival in the standings, Laguna Creek where they barely lost 5-4 in two hard fought contests. The first, on September 25 was a marathon match for all the girls but on performance worth noting. Teweles says “5th ranked Lyndi Her (11) stepped up to 4th position and played a tough-fought full 3-set match with 2 tie-breakers, and had an amazing match.”   Both of these matches against Laguna Creek were the best matches of the season according to Teweles.

Another exciting game on October 9 was against Monterey Trail which resulted in a final winning score 6-3 in favor of the Cougars, and a steadily improved Metro Conference record of 3-4.

The team captain, Kayla Fong (12) says being a team captain is probably the best place you can be on the team. Although this requires responsibility and leadership, also can be stressful at times too. The top two ranked players on the team this season were the other Team Captain, Sarina Lin (12) and Sierra Boyd (10).   Coach Teweles says the Cougars have some of the best doubles players in the league.

Not many people pay attention to tennis but they should. Some don’t even know what tennis players do to get better. Each day these players improve drastically, and they practice together, to get more teammate chemistry.

These players are very talented and dedicated to their sport. Players must be in exceptional shape to play this sport and have great stamina, and will to play. Each contest requires six singles matches and three doubles which often results in long afternoon (or evening) of competing against other schools.   Tennis players also need to have a excellent hand, eye coordination. This is very important because a little slip, while hitting the ball, can result in losing a point. The most important thing in tennis is a players reaction time. These players have a quick reaction to how a ball is hit.

Our girls tennis players are very talented and skilled and are always developing their skills and striving to become the best.

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