Growing Up

By Kimberly Landeck & Desiree Leong, Clarion Staff


Learning to love,

One, two, three.


Rattles and lullabies,

Tiny fists and feet.


Diapers and binkies,

Teething and tantrums meet.


Learning to walk,

One, two, three.


First words and first friends,

Dreaming of a future bestowing.

Crayons and construction paper,

Bedtime stories and imaginations ever growing.


Fairy tales and tiaras,

Superheroes and swords showing.


Hide and seek and tag,

Piggyback rides and playgrounds abound.


Learning to chase wishes,

One, two, three.


Making decisions,

Discovering yourself.


Learning to balance.

One, two, three.


Social media and responsibilities,

A work in progress.


Official tests, essays,

Practices and studying.


Dating and relationships,

Growing up and letting go.


Final weeks, final days

Throw the cap in the air

And say, ‘yay!

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