Kennedy Drama Productions: Where’s The Money?

By Arooba Muqaddar, Clarion Staff

Not long ago, flyers around JFK’s doors and windows announced auditions for the Stephen King themed Kennedy High School Drama Production. Sadly, however, the production has been cancelled due to lack of funds. This program serves as a great way for students to dress up, act, and have fun with other students interested in performing; it also develops public speaking skills in front of large crowds and allows creative thinking to be voiced. Despite drama being such a positive part of the Kennedy experience, getting the money to put on productions can be a struggle.

Drama has always has had its difficulties when it came to getting funds for its shows and cancellations do occur, but that doesn’t mean this should be a consistent trend. Every cancelled play means wasting all the hard work put into rehearsals by dedicated actors at Kennedy. Having a Drama Club and having school plays is a big part of high school. As such, feelings about this situation range from anger with the school to disappointment with the students.

Jacqueline Sanchez, a sophomore at Kennedy asks, “How does the school have money for other things and not drama, and if the kids really wanted to do it, they should have figured out a way to get the money beforehand.” I wouldn’t say that the cancellation is the students fault because the students come to school and put in the hours during the school day and then after as well, for the rehearsals and extra work for the production. So if the students are putting in the work that they need to for Drama why doesn’t the school do their part and supply the students with the tools needed for them to succeed. The question remains; should the school help out more with the Drama Club, or should the students find a way to get the money for productions because it is what the students want to do?

Kennedy drama production from 2017-2018 school year.

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