Water Polo: Wading to Victory

By Daryle Johnson, Clarion Staff

The outstanding Kennedy boy’s water polo team completed a dominating season with an overall record of 19-7 and metro conference record of 7-1.   Within metro, they finished behind rival McClatchy who captured first place with an 8-1 record.   Kennedy fared much better than CKM by winning 19 season contests to CKM’s 12 victories.

Water Polo has come a long way over the past few years. Both last year and this one have been strong seasons for Kennedy boy’s water polo.   All 23 team members have worked hard to get where they are today, and despite their dominating victories this year, they hope to improve any further.   Each of the boys has put their blood, sweat, and tears into what they’ve accomplished and what they’ve completed this year.


Meanwhile in the other locker room, the girl’s water polo experienced a few bumps in the road this season, ultimately closing out the season with an overall 9-12-1 record and 3-4 win-loss record in metro conference where they finished sixth place.   Even though it might not show in the final standings, all 18 girls on the team were dedicated competitors and should feel a sense of accomplishment. Girl’s water polo will return next year where work toward improving their record and performances in the pool.

Kennedy is well-known for their perseverance when it comes to sports. Sure, every now and then they might lose, but that just gives them more to encouragement to improve so they can blow the next opponent out of the water. Kennedy has full faith in what the boy’s and girl’s can do and trusts them to represent us in the future

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