Way Back Machine – 50 Years Ago

Vol. 2, No. 2, October 18, 1968

By Adrianna Iorio, Sections Editor

October 18, 1968

Faculty Members Initiate Bike Riding

John F. Kennedy staff reverted to their childhood mannerisms to initiate a healthier and cheaper way of transportation: bike riding. Teachers, Mr. Cozzalio, Mr. Gordon, and Mr. Cleamons, have all equipped themselves with new bikes to add something new and unique to their daily routine. Mr. Cozzalio and Mr. Gordon bought brand new bikes while Cleamons opted for using his daughters. Alongside the aforementioned teachers, many students have started using their bikes as well. According to Mr. Cleamons, “If this fad continues, Kennedy may become the Davis campus of Sacramento.”

A Mighty Cougar?

Beauregard, a Basset Hound, has been a frequent visitor on the Kennedy campus since its opening. Being famous on campus for his easy walk, bloodshot eyes, and long ears Beauregard can be found during all three lunch periods and throughout the day. 

Nixon Elected

Recently, in a poll conducted by the Kennedy Clarion, Richard Nixon was “elected” as president. The poll consisted of data from sophomores, juniors, and seniors on campus in which they were asked who they would prefer as president. Nixon had a large following in which 39% of the student body voted in his favor against his rival Hubert Humphrey, giving Nixon a leading command of 19 percentage points. This defeat against Humphrey was astounding considering there were more Democrats in comparison to Republicans, (36% to 34%). Democratic crossover votes were the reasoning behind the main cause of Nixon’s victory.

Student Body Receives ‘Congrats’ on Maturity

On October 4th Ric Marino, Kennedy’s student body president, was gifted a letter from Mrs. L. Maneval regarding the maturity represented on campus. “I wish to congratulate the students of John F. Kennedy High School,” she wrote. “The maturity you have shown in talking out the differences puts some of our great so-called leaders to shame. When I heard you kids on the radio this morning, it was the best and most encouraging news I’ve heard for years!” Despite the article not stating what they were being honored for, the Kennedy student body responded thanking Maneval for her kind and “reassuring” words. “We take pride in knowing that someone cares. Thank you,” Kennedy responded.

Kennedy Clarion Facts (1968-69 school year)

Chief Editor: Tom Kees

Advisor: D. Richard Baldwin

Principal: Frank Schimandle

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