Sticky Maniacs’ Cover Blown

By Xavier Martinez, Clarion Staff Gum is a common snack people have been chewing since 1848. But the satisfaction of chewing gum comes at a price, public places have become more messy. Thankfully, there are some people who put gum in the garbage, but a vast majority of people spit or stick their gum everywhere, raising the question, “should gum be banned from schools?” Every … Continue reading Sticky Maniacs’ Cover Blown

Have a Holly Jolly ______

By Liliana Lopez, Copy Editor During the months of November, December, and January, mainstream media often indulges in a plethora of Christmas advertising. From storefronts to television programming, it seems as if the whole nation is having themselves “. . . a Merry Little Christmas”. Amidst all of this celebration, it can be easy to forget about those in the U.S. who participate in other … Continue reading Have a Holly Jolly ______

Reflecting on the Wildfire

By Adrianna Iorio, Editor-in-Chief On Nov. 9, a tragedy occurred that shook residents among Northern California. The “Campfire”, a catastrophic wildfire, had repercussions that impacted not only its’ origin in Butte County, but students across John F. Kennedy High School as well. The horrific natural disaster – which killed dozens of people, destroyed more than 153,000 acres of land, and is labeled as the deadliest … Continue reading Reflecting on the Wildfire