Sticky Maniacs’ Cover Blown

By Xavier Martinez, Clarion Staff

Gum is a common snack people have been chewing since 1848. But the satisfaction of chewing gum comes at a price, public places have become more messy. Thankfully, there are some people who put gum in the garbage, but a vast majority of people spit or stick their gum everywhere, raising the question, “should gum be banned from schools?”

A view under a typical JFK classroom desk. Photo by Sid Slesicki, Clarion Photo Editor

Every class in any school has rules, and more often than not there’s a rule that states, “no gum.” However, students tend to disregard this rule and bring filth to class anyways. If it isn’t clear already, students cause chaos with gooey mess. By putting the sticky mess on the wall, desks, rugs, and floors, gum becomes an inconvenience for everyone.

There are plenty of people who have to deal with the repercussions of this, and one of these people is the John F. Kennedy plant manager, Mr. James Hernandez.

“It really feels unsanitary with all of this dirty substance everywhere. I mean, it comes from their mouth and can spread germs, it would be nice they just throw it in the garbage can like they should. How do we get it off you ask? We use this spray we call the chewing gum remover for carpets, as for anything solid like walls, desks, or concrete, we use a blade or a hammer when the chewed mess is dry. It gets everywhere, and gets dirty and hard to get off so we advise you to please use the garbage cans, they aren’t going anywhere or anything,” explained Hernandez

Chewed-up gum has become a problem when it comes to spreading germs. Whatever the case is, gum will most likely get very messy, such as when you touch them on walls, under desks, or when getting them stuck to your shoes, which often gets on peoples’ nerves, and makes other locations more dirty.

Should we have gum on campus? Short answer, no. More times than not, it causes sticky situations around schools, and has not been proven to be useful in the slightest. Sure there are pros, but they aren’t useful to this situation, and that’s why gum on campus isn’t the brightest idea.

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