Gun Violence Changes Society  

By Andrew Ely, Clarion Staff

Gun violence is frequently discussed topic across the United States, and it is evident that gun violence can happen at any place: schools, clubs, and public places. Society is changing and, with that change, violence seems to be getting out of hand. We need to be aware of this because everyone’s life matters. Mass shootings are horrendous and terrifying because we don’t know when life can end and it can happen with just one bullet.

#RoyLichtenstein The One in Front of the Gun Lives Forever, Felt Banner, used on cover #Time Magazine, June 21, 1968

People usually debate the use of guns and owning one, and how some people are responsible enough to own a gun while some are not. People use the Second Amendment as an excuse to commit gun violence. How can people achieve peace with this happening? It makes us feel that mass shootings are common, and that people are becoming immune to the violence, or need to be prepared and  are becoming overly defensive, which create a negative mindset. We need to have preventive measures to be safe with guns. Gun violence should not be tolerated and we don’t deserve this kind of life. The result of gun violence affects all people in society.

The Second Amendment states that the people have the right to keep and bear arms, while gun control is a policy to regulate the manufacture and sale of arms. The Second Amendment can help people obtain guns for the sake of self-defense and it is a natural right. According to Everytown for Gun Safety Support Fund, an organization “dedicated to understanding and reducing gun violence in America”, support for the Second Amendment goes hand in hand with keeping guns away from criminals and other dangerous people. But it seems to be too easy for the wrong people to get guns, leading to violence in different  situations including deadly domestic abuse, suicide, and school shootings. Everytown For Gun Safety says that “The use of guns in self-defense by private citizens is extremely rare, and a gun is more likely to be in a homicide or suicide than in a justifiable homicide.”

Some groups who still practices the Second Amendment like The National Rifle Association of America, an organization “that advocates for gun rights”, describing gun rights as foundational to the nation and liberty through the Second Amendment, it elevated guns and related issues into a cultural and political identity that went beyond the legal technicalities of gun control. With this as a concern in today’s society, students should be aware and continue to give voice to stop mass shootings and gun violence by participating to events and using social media as a platform to be heard.




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