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Month: February 2019

Winter Guard’s Combined Destiny

By Desiree Leong, Managing Editor A shorter show. Indoors. Performing without the band. The transition from fall to winter is what happens every year after Thanksgiving break for Kennedy’s award-winning […]

Tropel Recites Her Way to Victory

By Arooba Muqaddor, Clarion Staff Just before winter break in late 2018 in the school auditorium, Bernie Tropel (Class of 2019) won first place out of 60 contestants in Poetry […]

Way Back Machine – 30 Years Ago

Vol. 22 No. 4, Feb 1989 By Liliana Lopez, Sections Editor Help!!!: Written by Wilson Wong and Gary Gee, “Help!!!” is a brief story that is written in script form. […]

6th Period, No Early Release

By Wendy Xiong, Clarion Staff False information has spread among students at John F. Kennedy High School. Many students believe that seniors are no longer getting early release after fifth […]

Can Humanities STEM Job Security?

By Sid Slesicki and Liliana López, Clarion Staff STEM Majors If you’re a senior or junior, chances are you’ve been contemplating the next stage of your education – more specifically, […]

Boys & Girls Basketball: Heads Held High

By Isabella Wolfe, Sports Editor The Kennedy Boys and Girls basketball 2018-2019 season has officially ended, Kennedy Cougars (Varsity, JV, and Freshmen) can now look back over the season and […]

Learning Or Memorizing

By Kevin Chen, Clarion Staff Learning and memorizing are often categorized together; they are both required to promote academic growth. Learning provides the ability to understand and memorize, but memorization […]

Big Bite Short Lunch

By Brandyn Matsumoto, Clarion Staff Lunch for high school students is an important aspect of a students day that keeps them focused for the remaining hours of school. Students need […]

Boys Soccer End the Season with a Kick

By Ethan Vue, Clarion Staff The 2018-2019 Boys Varsity and JV teams were filled with young prospects and athletic talent. It was a fresh start for the program which has […]

Girls Soccer: Winning Both on and Off the Field

By Kimberly Landeck, Clarion Production Mgr. No matter how successful or unsuccessful the season is, all Kennedy sports teams deserve an equal amount of recognition and love, especially Kennedy’s girl […]