Crazy Bathroom Passes

By Emma Shoemaker and Jenelle Lum, Clarion Staff


Many Kennedy students may have noticed, teachers around campus are known to have unusual bathroom passes that are available for students needing to leave the room during class time. Teachers do this to express their individual classroom and style.

Mr. Plotts, one of Kennedy’s math teachers reported, “You want the pass to look like something that came from your room.” Plotts is known to have two Star Wars themed bathroom passes which reflect his passion for the classic science fiction franchise. According to Plotts, his bathroom policy remains if a pass is available, any student is free to use the restroom. He reasons, “I know I can’t sit and learn when I have to use the restroom. Sometimes students need a break not only to use the restroom, but to take a short break from the classroom setting. That is valuable to me.” Plotts believes learning is more efficient when a student is given the opportunity to take care of their physical and emotional needs.


Mr. Bryant, one of Kennedy’s Spanish teachers is also known for his bathroom pass. Bryant uses a straw sombrero for students to use while leaving his class. The inspiration behind this bathroom pass is not only for a representation of his class, but “something that people can wear and keep clean”. Bryant’s policy corresponds with the school bathroom policy, (students cannot leave during the first ten minutes or last ten minutes of class), and he feels that it is “okay to go when I am finished teaching something important.”

Kennedy’s art and ceramics teacher Mrs. Graves created a new, unique paintbrush pass for her students to use. Graves, Plotts, and Bryant have similar points of view and want to ensure that their students have access to what they need to take care of their health. Crazy bathroom passes are a unique way to reflect the diversity classrooms. Journalism students have been known to use Clarion Press Passes as bathroom passes during class time.

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