Girls Soccer: Winning Both on and Off the Field

By Kimberly Landeck, Clarion Production Mgr.

No matter how successful or unsuccessful the season is, all Kennedy sports teams deserve an equal amount of recognition and love, especially Kennedy’s girl JV and varsity soccer teams. With an overall record of 8-6-1 and a Metro League score of 5-4-1, the varsity team may not dominate the leaderboards, but Kennedy players still consider the season to be a success.

According to the JV and varsity coach, Coach Rubio, a good season would meet his goal of “understanding what is attainable if they work together. It depends on if the performance matches the will and game plan.”

Upon interviewing players from the varsity team, this goal was fulfilled as the soccer season came to a close.

Like several other sports teams, Kennedy’s girl’s soccer competitors hope to perform to the best of their abilities at each and every game. In their recent season against JFK’s toughest competitors, the teams needed this effort in order to succeed. Out of the games that varsity girls’ soccer competed in, the best games were against McClatchy and River City. As Maia Campos, (c/o 2020) one of the three varsity captains on the girls’ team said, both games had “very high intensity… and [were] very competitive.” Although the team lost in their December 13th home game against River City by a score of 1-0, players rebounded their efforts into an away game against McClatchy. With this effort, they edged against CKM by a final score of 2-1. Along with their intense performance that contributed to their victory, several new team members added speed, which provided an edge in reaching and defending the goals on both ends of the field.

Packed with talent on both the JV and the varsity teams, solidarity continued to grow with each successful practice, ensuring that the 2019 season was an amazing one, both on and off of the field. Varsity finished the season on February 5 against Burbank following a 1-1 tie at Laguna Creek and a solid 6-1 win at Grant high school on January 29.

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