Way Back Machine – 30 Years Ago

Vol. 22 No. 4, Feb 1989

By Liliana Lopez, Sections Editor


Written by Wilson Wong and Gary Gee, “Help!!!” is a brief story that is written in script form. It delineates a stereotypical conversation between a “Stupid freshman” and a “superior senior”. The freshman goes to the senior for advice about his issues both in and out of school. The senior advises the freshman to take advantage of the Kennedy Assessment Referral Team (KART), an extension of the counseling center that deals with substance abuse, as well as other problems. The senior tells the freshman that if he does not take advantage of the counseling opportunity before him, he will not be successful in the future. The “stupid freshman”, however, complains that he wanted to “ask one question and get a speech! Sheesh!”


Valentines is another short story, written by Jeannie Wong. It features two brothers by the name of Amorous and Obnoxiourous, both nephews of the god Cupid. The two siblings, tired of ruling over the Land of Love, decide to pay a visit to the Land of Heartbreak in a diplomatic attempt to unite the two kingdoms. In true fairy tale form, the two kingdoms, after much adieu, are finally able to join forces and live happily ever after.

Dear PJ

Dear PJ was an advice column in the Kennedy Clarion. The problems featured therein were much the same as the ones high schoolers experience today: crushes, match making, and, of course, the typical high school prank advice request.

Rent One, Get One Free!

In the 21st century, it is rare that people know about, much less own, the antiquated VHS. Now that is so easy to stream movies or rent them via Netflix, Hulu, or Redbox, it might seem rather ridiculous that the 1989 issue of the Clarion ran an advertisement for a video cassette rental business.


A 4-panel comic strip from a student guest artist showing an earlier for of senioritis at Kennedy H.S.


Kennedy Clarion Facts (1988-89 school year)

Co-Editors: Stacy Kiesz, Julie Routhier

Advisor: Byron Clemens

Principal: Jerry Lee

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