Juniors To Be Served Up Free SAT (With Breakfast!) March 6

Brandyn Matsumoto, Clarion Staff

SAT School Day, March 6
Study resources assemble for the SAT School Day on March 6: Student Guide, Khan Academy, list of approved calculators, and hopefully a good night’s sleep going in.

Taking the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT), designed by the College Board, is very pricey — with costs starting at $47.50 and up to $64.50 with the essay option — and can be the deciding factor for students’ college applications. SATs are not always available for all students because it does not fit their budget. For the second consecutive year, the Sacramento City Unified School District is giving juniors a free chance at the SAT during school on Wednesday, March 6.  This opens a new path for students, which allows for more successful high school graduates to get into their desired four year college.

This test is used to elaborate a student’s educational progress in Math and English subjects, to measure a student’s readiness for college, and to provide colleges information about the student. The essay portion is usually optional (when registering for SATs online at CollegeBoard.com), but is included for the test at Kennedy. The SAT test clocks in at over 3 hours — juniors will start their day with a free breakfast, and at 1:30pm will be released to the cafeteria for a late lunch (6th period will continue as normal).

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