Coach Seymour is excited to see more of the Women’s softball season

By Emma Shoemaker, Clarion Staff

The Girl’s softball spring season is about halfway started and doing well. Both softball players and the head coach, Caitlyn Seymour, are feeling optimistic about the season.

As of April 1, The team’s overall record is three to five. This includes winning strong away games against Monterrey Trail, Rio Americano, and a neutral tournament game against Natomas.

The softball season began official practice in February and continued with a couple games each week in March. Seymour described that they meet for practice everyday after school and are confident that they will make playoffs, continuing their season into May.

Unfortunately, the team has had to push through many cancelled games and practices due to weather the past month. However, they refuse to allow the cancellations to dim their determination to succeed this season.

Former Kennedy student and softball star, it is Coach Seymour’s second year of coaching. Speaking from Seymour’s prior experience as a softball student at Kennedy, she hopes she can teach the young ladies on her team to persevere in all situations and to try their best everyday in games or during practice. Seymour commented, “The team is relatively young, but everyday we are learning to grow together as a team.” Seymour’s athletes agreed with their coach that they are improving everyday and are strongest in defense. Seymour confidently claimed, “each member on my team is individually good at softball.”

Senior and Kennedy softball captain, Shakira Jeffreys described her excitement for the upcoming season. Jeffreys agreed with Seymour in her confidence for this season and the team’s strong ability and potential. Jeffreys remarked, “As the team is playing more games and is progressing through the season, we have become more united as a team and more passionate about softball.”

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