HALLelujah, Who’s Minding the Halls?

By Xavier Martinez, Clarion Staff

Hall monitors play a special role on school campuses.    Of course, they can be helpful in showing you around when you’re new but they are also making sure students are safe.

Every hall monitor at John F. Kennedy H.S. can be like a friend. They’re often nice, funny, and in some cases, they motivate students on campus. When you’re feeling down, they can be the cure.

This model is supported by one of Kennedy’s longest-working hall monitors, Sly Shelton. “I’ve been working at Kennedy since 2003, and used to be a student here actually. Kennedy students respect and have an understanding with us.”

Sly, along with his co-workers, encourage the students to do the right thing, saying, “They trust us to guide them to do right things and be safe.”

Sly also has advice for future hall monitors.  “First, make sure the students are safe, keep them out of trouble and unharmed. Secondly, make sure they understand the rules, that’s a major thing that keeps them safe. Finally, make sure the campus is safe, not just the environment, but also the teachers and staff.”

“When you work as a hall monitor, you have responsibility to keep things safe, have respect with the students, and be reliable to both them and the school.”

Kennedy Hall Monitor Jose makes the rounds in the C Building. Clarion staff photo

Campus monitor Jose has worked at Kennedy for more than five years, so he also knows a thing or two about the place.

“Working at Kennedy is a very good experience, and a good atmosphere as well. I like my co-workers and I enjoy the students here. I have good relationships with the students.”

When asked how he establishes relationships with students with different personalities, Jose replied, “Different students have different attitudes and temperaments, and there’s different ways to approach each student on campus.”

As for advice to new hall monitors, Mr. Jose has this.

“Be firm and locate the children when they’re up to no good.  Better yet, learn the school areas and learn to communicate with students. As I say, communication is the key. Also remember the codes but most importantly, do your job.”

Coach Lewis, another Kennedy alumni, joined the security staff in 2017. He started out as a coach but has been a hall monitor for a while, so he has a thing or two to share about being a hall monitor at Kennedy.

“I enjoy being back at Kennedy with new students and staff to interact with, I try to keep a family-like relationship with the students and staff. I treat the students with respect and expect the same in return.”

As for future hall monitors, Lewis suggested “I advise future hall monitors that it’s always good to form a relationship with the school and get to know the staff and teachers well. Same goes for the students.”

Hall monitors help out the school and the students.  At first glance, you don’t really see what they have to offer but just know they’re just doing their job and making sure the campus and its’ students are safe.



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