Keeping the Cougars Above the Net

By Kimberly Landeck, Clarion Production Director

All sports teams deserve the recognition and love of their peers, especially the Kennedy boy’s volleyball team. Although this season has been marked by a series of setbacks, Kennedy’s team continues to push through until the end of the season.

Photo by Sid Slesicki, Clarion Photo Editor

So far, the Kennedy boys’ volleyball has done well yet they have not dominated the leaderboards. This season, the team has an overall score of 6-7 and a score of 4-3 for Metro League. Out of the the thirteen games that the team has played so far, seven were lost to their opponents, but six were won, mostly leveling out the score.

But there were a number of factors that made these scores exceptional compared to previous seasons.

Adversity was at the heart of the 2019 volleyball season. One of the most notable hardships this season was that a third of the team quit before the fifth game, which left seven members to take on the competition alone. Five out of the remaining members on the volleyball team were juniors, most of them having just started their volleyball career this year. The initial thought of the unequal advantage that Kennedy’s opponents would have on this younger and heavily diminished team was almost enough to force varsity and junior varsity teams to form one collective team. This option would have either led to all of the JV games being canceled or the varsity team would have had to disband their team completely.

Even so, the remaining Cougars’ combined efforts and skills were able to snatch a number of victories from the jaws of defeat. Although the team faced radical shifts in team membership, they still managed to push through, showing that no matter what, Kennedy Cougars do not quit!

Photo by Emma Shoemaker, Clarion Staff

Come support Kennedy Boys Volleyball at their next game against Grant High School on April 8.

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