The Underground Music Makers of Kennedy High The Club That Rocks The Whole Cougar Town

By Andrew Ely, Clarion Staff

After school, strumming and cymbal crushing sounds can be heard reverberating through the walls of the B-wing. They are coming from the student members of a club in Room B-15. The club is open to all students in all playing levels and not just experts. Club members have known how to play their instruments together before joining the club and sync well with regards to creating music and playing as one.

Club Rock was started three years ago by Kennedy alumni and twin brothers Theodore and Sam Tran (Class of 2018). But for this school year, the president of the club – and a drummer – is Leo Batoon. The vice-president and treasurer of the club is Saura Pal who is the pianist, bassist and vocalist of the group. Angel Gutierrez, their guitarist is the event organizer of the club. Last but not least is Diego Gonzalez, who adds another guitar to the group and according to Batoon is the “Officer of Aesthetics”. The club advisor is math teacher Dennis Plotts.


The club provides an intimate space for students to let their creative minds out and practice solidarity as a band. The goal of Club Rock is, in Plotts’s words, for “Students that want to play but not as a class for music.” The mission of the club, “The mission of the club is to play songs that they like and for them to write songs.” Plotts added. But next school year, Club Rock may begin teaching students to play instruments. New students can join the club, but the prerequisite to join the club is to do an audition.

Club Rock is a stepping stone for students to be involved in activities that they are passionate about. It shows their skill in music and their talent. Club Rock has their meeting every Tuesday after school in B-15.

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