Boys Volleyball Players Wrap Up Difficult Season

Pictured (left to right) Hopoate Koloamatangi, Lucas Matsuura, Kuai Thao, Lucas Boisvert. Photo by Wendy Xiong, Clarion Staff Photographer

By Kimberly Landeck, Clarion Staff

Despite the numerous obstacles laced throughout the 2019 Kennedy Boys’ Volleyball season, the team still managed to finish strong in Metro League play. They ended the season with an overall record of 9-13 and a Metro League tally of 7-5. Although this year’s record may appear to shadow their previous seasons, the Cougars proved that they could still hold their ground after a third of the members left the team during the grueling season.

On top of that, by the season’s end, only one member on the team (Hopoate Koloamatangi) was a senior, seven were juniors, and one was a sophomore. Most of these members joined the team this year, suggesting that the team dynamic might not be as strong as it had been in the past. But players Riley Onodera and Lucas Matsuura (both c/o 2020) believed the team was able to make the season the best they could.

The most important thing they took from their volleyball experience was “persevering through the season”, especially after the departure of their teammates. Both Riley and Lucas said that working with their remaining teammates created a strong group dynamic. With this dynamic paired with the players’ collective talents, the Cougars beat the seemingly overwhelming odds and finished the season with a collective sense of comradery.

Pictured (left to right) Kennedy varsity volleyball players Lucas Matsuura and Riley Onodera. Photo by Clarion teacher Mr. Gleason

The volleyball team faced one of their roughest seasons, yet they are already looking to build next year’s team with an equally rigorous foundation that can return them to their former glory of dominating Metro League play. Next spring, for anyone interested in the art of volleyball, be sure to sign up so Kennedy can keep staying ‘on top of the net’ and continue to soar above their opponents!

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