How Article 13 Could Change the Scene for Media Influencers

By Andrew Ely & Xavier Martinez, Clarion Staff

In 2018 the European Union passed Article 13, which is part of the European Union’s copyright law that details how content sharing services, including social media, should deal with copyrighted content. Many people use the term fair use when using copyrighted material in their videos. Fair use is a term that supports official releases of copyrighted media for criticism and/or news purposes and applies to movie reviews, gameplay, etc. However the term won’t matter much anymore, as content can be more easy to take down, under fair use or not. Fair use will be ignored even if the video wasn’t intended for copyright. Because of this, freedom on the internet will be restricted.

This encouraged more than just YouTubers, like Pewdiepie and T-Series, but as well as their fans to fight against the European Union’s decisions considering Article 13. Many are angry and scared about the situation, as many speculate it may be the “be all end all” of not only YouTube, but other social media as we know it.

If there are people willing to fight back, here are some online sources for some more information on Article 13 and what it means for the faith of the online community and how fighting back is possible. “With these heavy burdens, the internet might have to shut down all together” – WIRED UK. (2019, March 25). What is Article 13 and will it Kill Memes? WIRED Explains. Retrieved from https://youtu.be/MAqJBDh6GY4. “The representatives do not represent.” – Martin, N. [Optimus]. (2019, March 26). Article 13 Has Passed. Retrieved from https://youtu.be/iwQnfMEtazA. “The internet isn’t looking too good, a VPN is the only way to somewhat fight back” – Langevin, J. [jayztwocents]. (2019, March 27). What is Article 13 and how to fight back.  Retrieved from https://youtu.be/MdlHM-ytD6A.

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