Kennedy Club Corner: Into the Fold

By Xavier Martinez, Clarion Staff

John F. Kennedy High School has many clubs and programs that encompass the interests of the student body and help pass time. Origami club, 2019’s latest addition to Kennedy’s long list of extracurriculars, is an exciting club that students have been turning the corner for and becoming a part of. Due to the club’s recent opening, there may be questions going around.

Luckily, math teacher Mr. Dalton Simpson (Origami Club’s advisor) was kind enough to explain the club’s origins, stating, “Yasuto Monguchi, class of 2022, is the leader of the club, and was interested in origami so he wanted to see who would join and what skills they have.”

Picture left to right: Intricate folds made by Noelle Wong. Lucena Stein, and Jamie Riches from small squares of paper. Photo by Xavier Martinez, Clarion staff

Origami is a Japanese art form involving folded papers to create all kinds of shapes and creations. Yasuto Monguchi says that Mr. Simpson’s classroom is a common hangout place, including for those who aren’t in clubs. Monguchi explained that the club’s goal was to, “Make something special with the art of paper folding and develop very important skills to society such as leadership, responsibility, maturity, respect, and socialization.” Monguchi also mentioned that every other Wednesday he and other club members do community service around campus and teach Kennedy seniors about origami. 

If you are interested in this unique art form, Origami club is a great place to craft your paper-folded dreams and make something unlike any other piece of art. To accomplish something the world has never seen before, join origami club and meet some great people to help you out. It’s never too late, as the club will be here next school year (2019-2020).

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