Kennedy Senior Wills_ Class of 2019

I, Ellis Penn will the doubleness of the L’s and N’s in my name of Ulysses so his name can be Uulyysses.
I, Andrew Rosario, leave my busted eraser to Kaiah, and my best teacher Ms. Chloe to all my friends.
I, Harry Butler, leave my favorite candy spots to Colin Bell and my cheat sheets for gaming club to Albert Stucky.
I, Merlin Beall, leave behind my school because I’m moving out, good luck Jeremiah Profit.
I, Antonia Chavez, leave behind my jokes to Jeremiah Profit.
I, Lorena Juarez, remain to be humble and oh yea be good.
I, Laniya Johnson, leave my smile and happiness.
I, Sunshine Moua, leave Mr. Williams to my younger siblings and any other future seniors to experience the magic of AP Gov.
I, Karmin Ebling leave my busted locker to whatever poor student gets it next year.
I, Kymi E. will my will to Will.
I, Emily Carter Here by pass on my Horrible AP study notes that will definitely at least get you a 1 on any AP test.
I, Emma Shoemaker give all my gratitude to Ms. St. John for being an outstanding teacher and for starting off my experience at Kennedy with positivity.
I, Liliana Lopez will my bookishness to Tania Arriaga. May you always find the answer in words!
I, Jenelle lum will my endurance and determination to the Class of 2020 to get through their Senior Year. And, to make the most of every moment.
I, Hana Ruiz, will my senioritis to Amanda Li, Sommies Brown-Coats, Nicholas Cazares and Hope Xiong. I love you all and I’ll miss you. Make sure to have fun in your senior year.
I, Victoria Chen Will pass my smiling energy to grumpy Mr. Whalen. 🙂
I, David Ma Will all of my calculus knowledge to my favorite junior, Irvin Wong. To Amanda Feng: you’re welcome for the AP Bio notes. And to all mathletes: hope you place higher than sixth. Get a trophy for once.
I, Sid Slesicki Do appox upon thee who dost have my iron chamber to lose that which is most dearest to them academically, but prosper nonetheless.     – The onceler from the lorax
I, Francis Feng as valedictorian of the class of 2019, will all my past schoolwork and exams to the highest bidder.


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