Kennedy Track & Field: Cougars Run, Jump, and Toss

By Daryle Johnson, Clarion Staff

Pita Vi, one of the best runners here at Kennedy, made it to the Masters division and completely dominated, and not far behind was Mianna Giovanini making a combo of 1st place and her personal best with a time of 2 minutes and 21 seconds during her 800 meter race.

At the Kennedy opening meet on a rainy afternoon on February 27, Miana Giovannini takes the lead in the 100m dash closely followed by Kaylyn Yu, Jade Cheng, and Ebony McKinney. Photo by Patricia Chapman, Yearbook Staff


One of the track runners, Emily Malas (c/o 2022) has been competing in track since 7th grade, and really enjoys running. She joined the track team because she thought it would be a cool extracurricular activity, and all of her friends were recommending it to her telling her that it would be the right decision to join. “Honestly being able to beat people keeps me motivated. I’m not the fastest but when I out sprint people it feels so good, and when people beat me, it makes me want to work harder the next day” Emily explained.  One of her Malas’ goals for next season is to be able to clear 30 feet for the triple jump and to get a 68 second 400 meter time or faster.

Looking back over the season at some of the Metro League Track & Field meets, one of Kennedy’s own, Jeremiah Price, came in second place with a time of 51.40 seconds during the Boys’ 400 meter race on April 10th.  In the Girls’ 400 meter race, another Kennedy runner, Miana Giovannini,  placed first with a winning time of 57.41 seconds.  At the second Metro meet on April 24th at River City, Kennedy’s relay team of Genesis Tholmer, Ja’Den Mallory, Kaylyn Yu, and Jade Cheng came in second place, with a time of 51.01 seconds following Monterey Trails’ winning 49.63 seconds during the Women’s 4×100 relay race.

Another four of our own, Abdurrahman Garner, Kyle Matthews, Andre Davis, and Thomas Walker came in second behind Monterey Trail, with a time of 42.93 seconds, twenty-three tenths of a second behind Monterey Trail, boy’s track finished in Fourth place for Sectionals. Two young men by the names of Pita Vi and Thomas Walker are both Division II champions, with Pita Vi winning the 110-meter hurdles as well as the 300-meter hurdles, and Thomas Walker winning the 100-meter dash.

Kennedy Track & Field team members suffered through a rollercoaster season, dealing with games being cancelled or moved due to weather conditions earlier in the season, but they ultimately triumphed in the end by sending numerous competitors to Division II championships, and Masters.   

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