Movie Review: “You Ain’t Never Had a Friend Like Me”

By Jenelle Lum, Creative Director

“Mister Aladdin sir, have a wish or two or three”

Disney’s live-action remake of Aladdin was released on May 24th and made $113 million within its first weekend. Many movie critics and Disney fans were doubtful about Disney remakes, including this film because they felt that no one could replace the memorable Genie, originally voiced by Robin Williams. While this film received some skepticism, Aladdin was enjoyable and stayed true to the original classic.

Aladdin is well-known for its catchy songs and variety of visual effects and this remake captured them miraculously. Disney found the perfect actors to portray the main characters, Aladdin (Mena Massoud) and Princess Jasmine (Naomi Scott). The Genie (Will Smith) could have been improved in the blue version of himself. The Genie’s performance of “Friend Like Me” is no comparison to the original, but unique because Will Smith took a more hip-hop approach to the song.

The visual effects for this film were outstanding because it showcased the bright colors, the town of Agrabah, and the Cave of Wonders. Additionally, a new character and a new song were introduced. Princess Jasmine had a servant and friend named Dalia, who also had a large role towards the end of the film. Jasmine also had her own song, “Speechless,” which provided the audience with an empowering message about not letting anyone control her. This song also gave Jasmine better character development, reinforcing her personality.

Overall, Aladdin was one of the most memorable Disney remakes and worth watching. This film is definitely suitable for anyone who wishes to experience the magic found in all Disney productions.

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