Wayback Machine: Kennedy Fashion Through the Years

Jenelle Lum & Emma Shoemaker, Clarion Staff

The past 50 years at Kennedy High School have been filled with a variety of fashion trends representing many shifts in styles and tastes. What students wear has become a way to express their creativity and personality while on campus.

Featured in this article are photos from Kennedy yearbooks throughout previous decades, which showcase the varying styles of the students and cultures of specific time eras.

When Kennedy first opened in the late 60s, fashion was more diverse and expressive. For women, flared pants, colorful vests, and jumpsuits were not uncommon and continued to be worn into the 70s. For men, colorful, bell bottoms with a variety of designs were also popular, as were leather jackets and plaid designs. Platform shoes were also fashionable for both men and women throughout the decade.

The 80s was another distinct fashion era for students on the Kennedy campus. Women transitioned into wearing high-waisted, light colored jeans, colorful neon attire and huge earrings. The ladies and men alike elevated and sculpted their hair with copious amounts of hairspray. Many women teased their hair with large perms and rollers while men grew out their hair and developed mullets. The men typically wore neon colors and slim jeans with varsity jackets.

Continuing into the 90s and early 2000s, fashion took a major shift at Kennedy. Many girls wore cargo capris, low-rise jeans along with longer tank tops. Long skirts with blouses were also popular. Hair was flatter for women and many men spiked their hair and frosted the tips. Men wore baggy jeans and leather jackets. “Heely” shoes were popular for both genders which were large sneakers with wheels on their soles. Styles varied especially in this era as it went from grunge attire to hip-hop influenced outfits.

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