Throwing It Back to Homecoming

Photos by Fang Chiang, Clarion Staff Reporter

Kennedy High School Homecoming 2019 took place the week of October 14, and included “Back to the 2000s” Spirit Week, rally, football games, and “HoCo” dance. For many students, homecoming is where students can be more involved in school and be a part of Kennedy traditions. 

According to Jacqueline Sanchez (Class of 2021), “We should participate in homecoming events, because it gives us a chance to get our comfort zone and to meet new people.” 

Some don’t agree.

 “I don’t participate in homecoming events because I don’t get anything out of them,” said one student who wished to remain anonymous. 

In the words of Ken O’Flaherty, Teacher and Student Activities Director, “Students and staff should participate in the student act spirit week to help show pride in our school. Feeling a love and connection with the school will make it a better place to be. When teachers and staff participate, it makes it even better because it shows the students that they care about the traditional high school activities that they will remember for the rest of their lives”.   


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