NBA Ban is Ridiculous

By Anthony Napolean, Jr., Clarion Staff Reporter

The Federation International Basketball Association (FIBA) dress code and rules for on the court clothing and accessories are now in place for the professional game of basketball. Some fans are going to be disappointed with the National Basketball Association (NBA) decisions on banning their players from wearing the ninja style headbands that became popular in the 2018-2019 season. The headbands were considered a safety concern and issues regarding consistency in length and size, for the NBA players and a lot of fans and players are not happy with this decision from the NBA. The people who made this style popular are the Philadelphia 76rs Mike Scott, Sacramento Kings De’Aron Fox, Miami Heat’s new guard Jimmy Butler, and New Orleans Pelicans Jrue Holiday, are now banned from wearing these headbands.

I would say the fact that when the ninja style headbands first came nothing was said about that it was being banned but when it was finally starting to get all this attention it got banned before the next season even started.

Basketball programs such as AAU and the Junior NBA got different rules and they all have certain rules and dress codes for the players and they have to follow those rules. If you wear a piece of accessory on the court in the NBA, that may have been banned from players from wearing it may there may be consequences like not playing for a couple of games. I know that Not all Leagues are banning this headband it may just be the NBA are banning ninja style headbands the headband does not bring damage to the way people feel or play.

Something that is also getting banned is players wearing their shorts shorter than some people may wear them. This also doesn’t make sense because those used to be what players got to wear back when the league started to the mid 1990s.

I would say for both of those being banned are ridiculous because a lot of people like both of these styles while they play basketball it may make them feel as they play better with wearing a headband like a ninja style headband or wearing their shorts short. I personally like to wear my shorts at least a little bit shorter than some people would. I choose ninja style headbands and the supreme arm sleeves which were made with the NBA. The fact that the NBA bans all these on court clothing is ridiculous.

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