Fall Sports Summary

By Andrew Hunsaker, Clarion Editor in Chief Girls Cross Country Overall, Kennedy’s cross country (XC) program is not well known by students; but despite the underrepresentation, both girls teams strived to do their best. The frosh/soph girls dealt with a shortage of runners throughout the season (only 5 frosh/soph girls in total), impeding them from competition for a team title. The varsity girls, however, did … Continue reading Fall Sports Summary

Senior Information

By Aleena Martinez, Clarion Photo Editor Important upcoming dates for Seniors:  Grad Night ticket sales once a month  Upcoming spring sports March 2nd – Senior trip payment deadline  April 13th – 3rd Quarter ends  May 2nd – Senior Ball (7-12 midnight)  June 5th – Last day for seniors  June 5-6th – Senior Trip  June 10th – Graduation  June 10-11th – Grad Night at Country Club … Continue reading Senior Information

Basketball in the Back

By Antonio Napoleon, Clarion Staff Reporter The back of the school, by the gym and T-wing, is where the basketball courts are and they aren’t used during lunch. I have been wondering since the first day of school, why aren’t we allowed in the back? I know I’m not the only one who wants to know why we can’t be back there because I’m not … Continue reading Basketball in the Back

Another Decade, Another Census

By Amanda Li, Clarion Staff Reporter Every ten years, the United States Census Bureau conducts a survey that counts every resident in the United States, called the Census. The Census is conducted to help estimate the amount of federal funding to be distributed in each state and community, which will improve the quality of life. The 2020 Census will ask nine questions, with an additional … Continue reading Another Decade, Another Census

MCJROTC Cadets: Visible in Camouflage!

By Sam McKay, Clarion Staff Reporter Have you ever seen students walking around in military-looking camouflage outfits on Wednesdays? Those are student cadets in the John F. Kennedy Marine Corps Junior Reserve Officer Training Course (MCJROTC, or JROTC). According to the official JFK MCJROTC website,“MCJROTC … is a leadership education program meant to develop character and citizenship.” There is a lot that this program does, … Continue reading MCJROTC Cadets: Visible in Camouflage!

No Snack Time at Casey’s?

By Alana O’Ray, Clarion Staff Reporter Students at Kennedy can vouch that lunchtime can be a tough match . For instance, if you don’t get to the cafeteria faster than 5 minutes after the bell rings ,you will be stuck with “the bagged lunch” ,and nobody wants that! Juniors and seniors tend to get to the cafeteria before the lower grades, which leaves them waiting … Continue reading No Snack Time at Casey’s?

Sexist Cheerleading?

By Cori Baishiki, Clarion Staff Reporter “The cheerleaders here only cheer for the boys and never the girls.”  “What? Why?” “The coach doesn’t like when the girls cheer for girls. Says it looks weird.” When I heard the statement above, I couldn’t help but have empathy for the girls at Kennedy and feel upset. As a two-year middle-school cheerleader at Sutter Middle School (SMS), I … Continue reading Sexist Cheerleading?