No Snack Time at Casey’s?

By Alana O’Ray, Clarion Staff Reporter

Students at Kennedy can vouch that lunchtime can be a tough match . For instance, if you don’t get to the cafeteria faster than 5 minutes after the bell rings ,you will be stuck with “the bagged lunch” ,and nobody wants that! Juniors and seniors tend to get to the cafeteria before the lower grades, which leaves them waiting in the long lines.  Most won’t wait Casey’s Corner is open Tuesdays and Thursdays, but they only sell student merchandise. Why doesn’t Casey’s Corner sell chips , juice and candy. Normal snacks for the typical high school student ? 

Casey’s Corner currently sells only Kennedy merchandise, dance tickets, and some school supplies. Photo by Brian Gleason, Clarion Instructor.

Students on Kennedy’s campus state that they have never even heard of Casey’s Corner. Neaveh Wyne says that when she is not buying dance tickets, she forgets the existence of a student store. She added that, “If Casey’s Corner sold snacks ,they would get lots of hype, money and attention.” Another student named Zion Louis (Class of 2023) said she does not shop at Casey’s Corner because “their prices are too expensive for them to only sell clothes. Nobody shops at Casey’s Corner other than seniors.” Freshman seeing Casey’s Corner may have thought it was a student store that was closed and hasn’t been open for years. Kenneth O’Flaherty, Student Activities Director, says that opening Casey’s Corner forces him to give up his lunch, hence Casey’s Corner is only open Tuesdays and Thursdays. Mr. O, as he is known by, confirmedthat according to Sacramento City Unified School District (SCUSD) Student Wellness Policy (BP 5030) states that nobody can compete with the Cafeteria so the school is prohibited to sell snacks to kids until 30 minutes after school.  All in all , David Van Natten Principal at Kennedy High School ultimately has the final say in what is sold at Casey’s Corner but he can not go against the health code. 

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