Boys Soccer Team Leads the Way to Victory

By Fang Chiang, Clarion Staff Writer and Photographer

The 2019-2020 Boys soccer JV and Varsity produced good results this season, led by the head coach, Kenyon Hill.

According to Hill, “the best part of this team is their chemistry – many of the players play for the same club team and/or were the players who made up the bulk of our undefeated JV team from two years ago.  They have a very good understanding of one each other.“ 

Soccer 2
Cougar Varsity Center back Anthony Kaiserlack (Class of 2020) dribbles/charges down the field against River City at Kennedy Stadium on December 11, 2019. Photo by Fang Chiang, Clarion Staff

The Kennedy’s boys JV team finished with an overall record 12-2-3 and the Varsity teamwith an overall record 10-5-4. Though, the Varsity team had scored a big win against Burbank, beating Burbank with a final score of 5-0 by using the skills of trackling, shielding, dribbling and passing along with teammates. One of three Varsity Captains Anthony Kaiserlack (Class of 2020), said, “ It’s not about how hard you get hit; it’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward.” 

Soccer 1
Cougar Varsity Center Back Armon Lopez (Class of 2020) dribbles down through the field against Burbank at Kennedy Stadium on January 16, 2020. Photo by Fang Chiang, Clarion staff

Armon Lopez (Class of 2020) another varsity captains said, “I chose to try out for the team because I wanted to represent our school by playing the best I could, thus encouraging the team to do the same. 

Lopez also added that the best part of being in the team is teamwork: “It really is beautiful when everyone is trying their hardest to achieve one goal. Then when you compete against the opposing team, it is a battle to see who is better. Being better feels really good.”    

Alex Morales, also varsity captain (Class of 2020) said, “There’s something about soccer that just makes me feel free … like all my problems are gone, and I don’t care about anything but the game and playing.” 

Morales added that playing games every 2 days makes him closer to his teammates.

“Those guys are like my brothers now; it’s crazy.” 

For Morales, the best part is “playing with my teammates, celebrating wins as a unit, learning from our losses as a unit, [and] being there for one another. I love this sport.” 

In the end, the Varsity team made it to the playoffs. The JV are undefeated and they have put in lots of hard work and effort to end up where they are.

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