‘Phasmaphobia’ Review: A Haunting Experience on Steam

By Touzong Thao, Clarion Staff Reporter

In every horror movie, ghosts are one of the spookiest beings you can encounter. Often the characters in the movies fear the encounter of a spirit that could be evil or dangerous to one’s life. The concept of meeting a ghost might appeal to some, and what if that could be a reality?

From the Steam website where the game could be located, it states, “Phasmophobia is a 4 player online co-op psychological horror. Paranormal activity is on the rise and it’s up to you and your team to use all the ghost hunting equipment at your disposal in order to gather as much evidence as you can.” 

Phasmophobia had received a notoriety of attention as of late from several famous Youtubers such as Markiplier, Kubz Scouts, Pewdiepie, etc. And with an overwhelming amount of positive reviews from the Steam website of over 80,000, the game has been kept popular on the platform for its interesting concept of ghost-hunting. The process of ghost hunting would usually be finding evidence that proves that a ghost or a spirit exists in the space you are investigating. 

What can you expect from the game, Phasmophobia? Although the game only released early-access on September 18, 2020, it has shown an immense amount of gameplay and graphic quality that any player can be a fan of. 

The graphics in the game are detailed enough to give a realistic view of ghost-capturing. The environment that is introduced in each map starts off with an eerie feeling, the darkness succumbs you, and the sound effects are horrifying when entering a building. The game gives you 3D audio which immerses the player in actually being a ghost-hunter.

The graphics only make a dent in what the game can offer. Your ultimate goal in the game is to figure out what type of ghost is haunting inside the buildings you search in. The game starts off the player inside a truck where equipment is given in where you can only hold three items at one time, meaning throughout the game you will most likely be required to drop an item in order to find more clues of a roaming ghost. The game randomly generates the clues needed in order to detect a ghost which makes the game replayability almost infinite, or a struggle of not being overcome by the ghost. 

The best part of Phasmophobia is the option to play multiplayer with friends or family. When you are in a game filled with people you love, the gameplay immenses greatly. You can have multiple fun reactions that will be memorable for all players. 

Nothing is better than having a good scare every once in a while. Phasmophobia, although only early in development, has immense to offer to players. The best part is that it is an ongoing development meaning more content and features are soon to come in the near future. As of now, the game costs $13.99, a great deal for a game filled with replayability and great graphics. Join in the fun of having a view on being a ghost-hunter. Join in the fun of being haunted by ghosts.

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