Game Review: Why you should play “Warzone”

By Jaden Tengan, Clarion Staff Reporter

It is certainly worth downloading Warzone. It is open for all as Warzone is a free game. Yes,  you heard that correctly you do not have to pay to play it.  It is also the best and most polished Battle Royale ever produced by far. You have to download Warzone, it is truly a phenomenal gaming experience. This is Call of Duty’s second battle royale game they have made, but this one is far better than their first one. 

First, like mentioned previously, Warzone is a free to play game on Xbox, Playstation, and PC. This is a great move by the developers as it allows anyone to try the game out for themselves. Junior Kyle Wong states, “The fact that Warzone was free was so great because it was my first ever Call of Duty so I got to try the game out to see if it was something I wanted to continue to play. I am so glad I tried it out because I still play it a lot up to this day.” 

Second, in junior Jason Nubla’s opinion it is the best Battle Royale to ever be released.

“From the guns to the Gulag I love everything about this game. There are updates pretty frequently so the content does not get stale and there are always new things to try within the game,” he said.

Personally I agree with this statement as I was new to COD and I loved the mechanics and especially the gulag because it gives you another chance at life in the game so there is rarely time where you have to spectate if you’re dead. So what this means is that even if you are a beginner at video games you should still play COD Warzone because you pick it up quickly. Also Warzone has something called Skill Based Matchmaking which means that you will be playing people that are equal or around your skill level. Even if you do not play this game everyday like some people you can still have a blast playing.

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