Important information about the COVID vaccine

By Samantha Hoyer, Clarion Staff Reporter

After almost a year being stuck in quarantine as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, we have all been looking for an inch of hope and it seems we may be reaching that point. On December 15, 2020 the first shipment of the new Pfizer vaccines were sent to the UC Davis hospital in Sacramento.The vaccines arrival was greatly anticipated by health care workers around the country including Eva Teniola, an ER nurse at UC Davis Health right here in Sacramento who said “I have been waiting for this day” before receiving the first dose of the vaccine. However, some individuals aren’t nearly as excited about this new vaccine and have been raising doubts of its validity. 

Many people are worried that this vaccine was rushed because of the high demand, and therefore it is not fully developed or safe. According to this is a myth because “the emergency situation does not mean that companies bypassed safety protocols.” They guarantee this because there are many steps that had to be taken before getting authorization. For example, “the biopharmaceutical manufacturer must have followed at least half of the study participants for at least two months after completing the vaccination series, and the vaccine must be proven safe and effective in that population”. 

 A lot of rumors and conspiracy theories involving the possible side effects of the vaccine have also begun to spread. One of the most popular rumors surrounding this specific vaccine is the claim that it can lead to infertility or miscarriage in women. Mayoclinic also refutes this by responding that “these postings are not scientifically plausible, as COVID-19 infection has not been linked to infertility. Also, no other viral infection or vaccination-inducing immunity by similar mechanisms has been shown to cause infertility.” They lead us to believe that this claim is nothing more than a baseless conspiracy spread through social media as  misinformation. This is backed up in a CNN article where it says, “Side-effects are rare and usually mild. They include fever and headache, although a very few people have experienced allergic reactions to the vaccine.”

 All of these sources lead us to a similar answer. While there will always be some risks or side affects associated with any vaccine, there is nothing at all making this one more dangerous according to the professionals. They urge everybody who can to get the vaccine as quickly as possible so that we can control this virus more. The data that we have currently have tells us that the virus itself is much more deadly than the solution

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