Messages of appreciation for teachers as unusual year winds down

By Trisha Mae Raymundo, Clarion Staff Writer

Before the school year ends, Kennedy students shared their message of appreciation towards teachers to thank them for their hard-work throughout distance learning. 

Due to the spread of the virus last year, schools had to shift to online learning, forcing students to adapt to a temporary learning style. Ever since then, teachers have worked to provide students a good quality of education through the screen, helping struggling students, both academically and emotionally. Teachers gave more time to submit work, and were understanding and patient towards students who were having a hard time due to the pandemic.

Below are a few messages of appreciation from students:

“Thank you so much to all teachers for being so patient, understanding, and flexible over the course of distance learning. The past year has been a confusing, and new time for everyone; I appreciate you all for putting up with it! :)” –Sandhya Ahuja, Junior

“I appreciate all the teachers very much. They really made distance learning easier, and literally possible, for as many students as they could.” –Anonymous student

“Thank you all so much for believing in your students this year! The support helped a lot getting through such a difficult year.” — Emily Malas, Junior

““I really appreciate having teachers who cared about the students throughout the year because it was virtual and that it was a very strange moment for everyone. Having their concerns really elevated the mood and made the year feel as if it was the same as if it was in person.” –Touzong Thao, Senior

“You have brought us life, when the conditions were unbearable.” — Kirti Ponnusamy, Junior

“Thank you so much putting in the work to teach us even though these times have been hard” — Grace Hedglin, Junior

“It has been a rough year…Thank you all for doing your best with doing your jobs and helping students out through tough times.” –Kelly Mok, Junior

Check this space: More messages will be posted soon.

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