Update: New merch arrives at Casey’s Corner

By Lily Rusk and Devanee Vaca, Clarion Co-Editors-in-Chief

Casey’s Corner has re-opened as a part of this year’s new Kennedy front office remodel. 

Now open on Tuesdays and Thursdays during both lunches, Casey’s Corner, named after the school mascot Casey the Cougar, is managed by the student government class. 

The shop is up and running with limited items. There are three different senior shirt designs.  Old Kennedy gear will be discounted to make way for the new designs.

Student government representatives await their next customers through the sales window at Casey’s Corner.(L-R) Karina Marquez and Jennifer Fuentes Photo by L. Rusk & D. Vaca

According to student government members Jaiden Hashimoto and Alyssa Nakajawa, workers are awaiting delayed shipments and guidance on whether or not event tickets can be sold with the pandemic still an issue. 

Kennedy sophomore Hashimoto says, “Hopefully once dances start again we will start selling dance tickets and we might be selling football tickets [if COVID policies change].” 

New designs and old Kennedy gear can be bought using cash or card.  Merchandise, including t-shirts, beanies, sweatshirts, and bucket hats, are for sale. These items vary in price ranging from $5 to $40.  

The money raised from sales goes back into funding Casey’s Corner and the money from class shirts goes to the classes. 

Junior Jo Ann Wilson says the new Casey’s Corner is nicer and more convenient than it used to be. While business was brisk at orientation, Wilson also noted that from what she has seen Casey’s Corner has not been very busy since. She attributes this to a “lack of spirit” that is due to the amount of new students who yet don’t feel a connection to Kennedy.

Editorial note: This article first posted in October, 2021, with the headline “New Casey’s Corner offers spirit, merch to returning Cougars

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