The students’ BIG return

By Jeremy Harris, Clarion staff reporter, and Sarah Loyden, Clarion Copy Editor

Kennedy students have returned back to campus. How do students feel about it? When the Clarion interviewed students and staff, some felt more positive about returning to campus and some felt more negatively. 

Temarrus Bogan, 11th grade, has positive feelings about coming back to campus and that the timing was good to return. 

“This was a good time and some people really needed this,” Bogan said.

He mentioned that he liked being back on campus for in person learning and he further stated that it is easier to focus in person than focusing while learning from behind the screen of a laptop. 

Vincent Messineo, Kennedy Government/Economics and Psychology teacher, is neutral about returning to school.

Kennedy students walk through the halls after being gone for over a year. Photo by Jeremy Harris, October 19, 2021.

“We would have had to return to school at some point because staying home the entire time was not going to change much of anything,” Messineo said. He said that there isn’t a perfect time to come back to school but now is a good time.

New Physics teacher Austin Guest is concerned about the new year and has a positive outlook.  He is not hoping that schools close again but he would not be surprised if something did happen that would end up closing down schools again. 

Ariana Tibs, Kennedy senior, says, “being back in person again is surreal. Actually, I do enjoy it, because I like to socialize with people. But apart from me, I still miss being at home, you know, like laying in my covers and joining class, I feel like I didn’t struggle at all during quarantine. So, I really liked being online but being…back in school is cool, too.”

Kennedy students enjoy their lunch in the main quad. Photo by Jeremy Harris, October 19, 2021.

Junior Ridley Martinez says, “It’s pretty good. Social interaction is better just than sitting at my computer, unproductive — and clubs can be a thing now, so that’s going to be more fun.”

Kennedy high school sophomore, Mersa Gong, knows the dangers of COVID but she’s also “glad to be back in person again because she likes seeing other people’s faces.”

Kennedy junior Jacqueline Chung said that she is worried about COVID but also that seeing her peers again feels great.

“I hope that by coming back, we can salvage the high school experience and make sure the seniors graduate this year,” Chung said.

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