Club Rush returns as a new year begins

By Seattle Barron, Clarion Arts & Entertainment Editor, with additional reporting and photography by Clarion staff.

Crowds gathered; information spread; performers danced; as students participated in Kennedy’s first Club Rush in two years. On Friday, September 24, in the main quad, various groups promoted around 20 clubs for students to join. 

In this unique year, there was a big turnout from Kennedy students, with around 30 tables blanketing the main quad and filling the space with energy and enthusiasm. Even the 95-degree weather couldn’t stop the spirit of students to kick off one of the many school events. Student government also sold class t-shirts and Associated Student Body (ASB) for ID cards. 

When asked whether or not this year’s Club Rush was successful, Student Activities Director Mrs. Musca, said “Yes I think so! There were over 20 clubs out there and they all had lots of students show interest and sign up for their clubs!”

Dances with a variety of music genres lit up the afternoon. Performances from Korean Dance Club (KDC) and Vibe in Promo (VIP) were met with a positive response and a cheering crowd. 

“KDC is looking to perform at lunch sometimes so people should look forward to that! It will most likely be during spirit weeks,” said the president of KDC, senior Michelle Erickson. 

For those wanting to see VIP, club president Arianna King, senior, stated, “Rallies and showcases are where you would see us.” 

This might have been one of the many things that made Kennedy like a normal campus. Seeing fellow students showing school spirit, spreading positivity to others, and seeing the talent that is forming within the school was encouraging. 

These moments are what students, not just at Kennedy, but around the country, have been looking for: a time to feel like things were back to normal.

The 2019-2020 school year had more clubs than the 2020-2021 school year and observing the most recent Club Rush there was a modest increase of clubs. There were around 31 clubs in the 2019-2020 school year and with the 2020-2021 school year, there were around 10 in total. The lack of participation hurt a lot of clubs and many of them didn’t make it to the 2021-2022 school year. Even in the new school year having a small increase, there are overall still not many diverse clubs to choose from this year.

To seek an answer about these numbers, Mrs. Musca commented “I can’t say for sure but there is probably a decrease because of the disconnect distance learning caused. Many students were unaware of the clubs at that time. Hopefully, now that we are back on campus clubs will start to rebuild.” 

This gave students a chance to bring fresh ideas to the school and ended up creating some new clubs. Turning Point U.S.A, Dungeons & Dragons, and JFK Fish is new to the Kennedy campus. 

Origami club and MESA displayed what they have created over the years. It gave a picture of what the new people joining would take part in. Clubs had full sign-up sheets with names from all grades and some had multiple filled sheets. 

Other clubs went a different route of bringing in new people to join their club, including giving out candy, stickers, or mini water bottles, which were welcomed on a hot day with the sun beaming onto campus. 

Deciding to join a club is the easy part, but continuing into the year with meetings, planning, and events is the challenging part. Certain clubs will be holding virtual meetings to help with different lunches, the pandemic, and if a club has a large number of students that joined. 

With the school year moving forward, this Club Rush looked as if the normal feeling came back judging by students’ reactions. Knowing that this year is all about adapting, there are just some things that don’t really change.

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