Kennedy forced into lockdown

A confrontation between staff and parents caused a lockdown during 4th period on October 28. The question of whether or not there were weapons involved caused misconceptions among students.                  According to the Kennedy administration there were no weapons involved, and no arrests were made throughout the conflict as stated by the Sacramento City Unified School District, according to coverage from the Sacramento Bee.  According to … Continue reading Kennedy forced into lockdown

Haitians vs. Del Rio: Racism or fear?

By Gabrielle Ringold, Clarion Staff Reporter A great sum of American citizens can probably agree that America has never been the most “trustworthy” country in the world. Citizens have often seen through social media, like live Instagram and Snapchat stories, that the government makes unreasonable mandates and laws. For example, legalizing marijuana, ending drug tests to get hired at a business, and loose state level … Continue reading Haitians vs. Del Rio: Racism or fear?