Formula One Championship Battle Between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton

By David Thatcher, Clarion Staff Writer

It’s the time of the year where Formula One is ready to wrap up the season with it’s final Grand Prix in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. In this race a winner will be crowned the Formula One Champion.

Max Verstappen had the possibility to win his first championship Sunday, December 5th, but controversial events and penalties prevented Verstappen from obtaining first place. Due to Verstappen placing second he lost the Saudi Arabia Grand Prix to his title competitor Lewis Hamilton. Hamilton, with his eighth win of the season, tied with Verstappen in points. This places the two drivers in a position where the best placement out of the two wins the championship.  

Of course both drivers being tied does make the last Grand Prix of the season a little more exciting, along with the fact that Max Verstappen is fighting for his first championship in his career, while Lewis Hamilton is fighting for his eighth championship of his career.

The race will be broadcast on Sunday, December 12, at 5 A.M on Channel 4 or on Sky Sports, according to The Guardian. Make sure to record the race to watch it later in the day or possibly wake up sometime between 5 A.M to 7 A.M to witness the final grand prix of the Formula One season live and see who is crowned this year’s champion. 

However, the real question this weekend is, how badly does each driver want the championship win?

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