CSF Food Drive

By David Thatcher, Clarion Staff Reporter

The recent Canned Food Drive held by California Scholarship Foundation (CSF) atKennedy brought in almost 4,000 cans of food, which makes this one of their most successful food drives yet. These cans are able to help people in need especially due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Senior Jillian Yee, CSF president, said, “I just want to say thank you to the school for donating almost 4,000 cans.” 

CSF has been doing many drives for the community and continues to do so. Yee also believes one thing that may have contributed to this year’s success are the incentives, including the chance to pie a teacher in the face, which is something to look out for during finals week of the first semester. Due to this year’s success CSF may have more incentives for food drives in the future.

Members of Kennedy CSF pose by a can food delivery truck pictured (l to r) Mr. Lam, Josie Landeck, Kayleen Nguyen, Jillian Yee, Ariana Jiang, Ella Simon (photo credit Kennedy CSF)

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