Daylight Savings Time

By Devanee Vaca, Clarion Co-Editor

Daylight Saving Time has been around since 1918 and since then has been something the whole world has been participating in until recent years like Japan, India and China. It was created by George Hudson in 1895 by an entomologist.

In some parts of the world it is called “Summer Time”. The main purpose of daylight savings time is to have more daylight time to do things like farming and harvesting.

In 1942 it was said that daylight saving time was to “promote national security and defense” according to Defense.Gov or at least that was the idea. The law was repealed but then in 1966 the government passed the Uniform Time Act that made Daylight Savings Time a national event.

Some airlines like American Airlines took advantage of the extra hour and lowered their plane tickets to as low as $30. But has daylight saving time been doing more harm than good?

According to the US. News many people have been experiencing sleep deprivation and have been losing 30 minutes of sleep each day trying to adjust. With that comes a higher risk of having a stroke or a heart attack.

It has been known that when your body does not get a lot of sleep it is not fully aware and clear minded compared to someone who gets a good night’s sleep. More accidents on the freeway and streets have been occurring since daylight saving time it had gone up by 18.7%.

There have also been positive effects with lower electric bills and the crime rate does go down.

Many parts of the world are trying to cancel Daylight Saving Time like California, in the 2017 elections 62% of voters had voted on not doing daylight savings time but in order to officially cancel it there has to be 75% of voters. Will Daylight Saving Time still be around in a couple of years? Only time will tell.

Clouds fly over a viewpoint off a mountain in Penjamillo, Michoacan in May 27,2021 after Daylight Savings Time took in effect. Image by Devanee Vaca

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