JFK Covid Update (Basketball)

By Andres Luevano, Clarion Sports Editor

Winter sports are officially in the middle of their seasons, and the Kennedy Cougars men’s Junior Varsity and Varsity teams have been hard at work.

Through their first 12 games, the JV Boys squad has started strongly with an 8-4 record, with some solid wins over schools like Kimball and Christian Brothers. 

“We have played great in the tournaments so far, [and] our chemistry on the court has helped and definitely showed on the court this season,” said second-year player, Sophomore Amari Bambao.

“We’re all friends off the court, too, so that really helps.”

The season hit a rough patch with games getting cancelled or rescheduled.  As of this writing, the game versus River City has been postponed with no reschedule yet. The Cougars were also supposed to play their rival McClatchy Lions on Wednesday, January, 12; however, due to  COVID, the game has been rescheduled to Monday, January 24. 

“I believe it is the right thing to help stop the spread of COVID in any way possible,” said Sophomore Eric Lopez. 

He added that there has been “little difference [in practices] so far, except that we have to wear masks and show a negative test to be able to practice.” 

With changes happening on the fly, updates can be found here on the JFK Clarion website. 

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