JFK Students Speak On How In-Person School Affects Them

By Thomas Chao, Clarion News Editor

John F Kennedy High School students speak up on their mental health after being in quarantine for a year and how returning to in-person learning on campus has impacted them.

Senior Kennedy Marching Band Trumpet Section Leader Hunter Lovitt said he was “less motivated to do school at home when we did it over Zoom. I didn’t have the motivation to sit at my desk and do stuff, but when we started coming back I felt that rush of wanting to do stuff again.”

When asked about if his mental health has improved since he has gotten back on campus, he said, “I think it’s definitely improved, seeing people again and having things to do, for example the marching band. Last year it just felt very empty being at home playing an instrument by yourself. But actually playing with people is so much better and seeing kids in class is such a better experience than being at home.”

Kennedy senior Ariana Lemus, had this to say: “I feel like I was doing a lot better in school during quarantine rather than being in person because i worked at my own speed and was able to be calm about everything and not have to worry about things like being late to class or if im feeling well enough and stuff like that.”

When asked about her mental health Lemus said, “I feel like it’s gotten worse, because sometimes I just really don’t want to go to school because it’s really stressful and I feel like because now that we’re back on campus my life has gotten a lot more stressful.”

There are many mixed emotions about being back on campus and it benefits some but not others. There isn’t a right or wrong in this situation. There’s students that are happy with being back on campus because of their friends and the social environment. However, other students have trouble keeping up because of this type of environment, it can be very hectic and being in independent studies can really calm that down for people.

Kennedy students have lunch in the quad September 2021. Photo by Clarion staff reporter.

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