Wellness Fair: Prioritizing students’ mental health

By Emma Bailey, Clarion Staff Writer The Wellness Fair, hosted by Kennedy’s EQ Ambassadors, supported students, provided resources, and increased mental health awareness by bringing in a variety of organizations. The organizations at the event were Be Bothered, Birth and Beyond, LGBT Community Center, Meadowview Community center, NAMI, OMNI Youth, Pacific Clinics, PRO Youth, Rage Project, Robbie Waters Pocket Greenhaven Library, Rose Family, the Village … Continue reading Wellness Fair: Prioritizing students’ mental health

The problem with vigilantism

By Lily Rusk, Clarion Co-Editor in Chief Vigilantism is a prevalent concept dominating pop culture. Vigilantes are typically depicted as “heroes” doing what is necessary when a bureaucratic system fails to get things done. It is not difficult to perpetuate this story line when much of the nation is dissatisfied with the government. However, it is important to look at this concept as a whole … Continue reading The problem with vigilantism

Restrictions on websites in SCUSD

By Gerardo Lopez, Clarion Staff Reporter The Sacramento City Unified School District (SCUSD) and other districts around the nation have programs such as GoGuardian, Cisco Umbrella and Lightspeed Relay Systems to keep students safe from harmful websites. You can see all of these programs on your extensions at the top right of your browser window. These programs are meant to prevent things like phishing, malware … Continue reading Restrictions on websites in SCUSD

Opinion: Senioritis is present, and more than laziness

By Lailah Gladney, Clarion Managing Editor As this time-paradox of a school year is somehow quickly and slowly coming to an end, there’s an undeniable shift in my mind, as a senior. I’ve committed to my college, am nearing my AP exams, and have ordered my cap and gown. The future is at the forefront of my mind more than ever, while the present (school … Continue reading Opinion: Senioritis is present, and more than laziness

Our first “normal” rally of the year

By Maddis Gregson, Clarion Staff Reporter  Kennedy spring spirit days and rally took place the week following spring break, with a theme of Alice in Wonderland.  Throughout the week, the Student Body would come to second period classes to count everyone who dressed up for spirit days. Seniors came in first place with the most spirit points. The Spring rally was held Friday at Kennedy … Continue reading Our first “normal” rally of the year

Unsanitary bathroom problems

By Michel Baez Vargas and JonPaul Yee, Clarion Staff Going to the bathroom is a necessity in everyday life, especially for students at Kennedy who spend about seven hours on campus. However, many students have complained about other students stirring up trouble in the restrooms.  Many students complain about the lack of toilet paper, paper towels, and soap. Others complain about sanitary problems such as … Continue reading Unsanitary bathroom problems